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We specialise in the following areas of criminal defence...

Serious Fraud and Financial Crime / Money Laundering

We have been representing suspects in significant investigations, conducted by various prosecuting financial bodies and have extensive experience defending allegations including mortgage fraud, internet fraud, false accounting, fraudulent trading, benefits and tax fraud.

Murder / Manslaughter / Violent Crime

We are experienced in all serious crime such as murder, conspiracy to murder, serious violence, violent disorder and domestic violence. We work tirelessly to ensure your case is fully prepared, witnesses traced and your defence case presented to the highest of standard to the court.

Organised crime / Drug supply / Importation / Cultivation

We have extensive experience in representing individuals charged with drug offences, ranging from simple possession, cultivation of cannabis, to large-scale importation we can assist you...

Sexual Offences including Computer / Indecent images

If you are facing an allegation of a sexual nature, we promise to handle your case sensitively and confidentially. We will assess the case against you and give you clear advice.

Dishonesty Offences / Burglary / theft / robbery

Offences of dishonesty can be complicated and if you add violence to the offence, can be extremely serious. The issue of whether you have been dishonest is never a simple issue and it is essential you obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity, we can help and advise you...

Confiscation, Restraint and Forfeiture proceedings

The provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 are extremely powerful for both pre and post-conviction. The police now regularly seek orders freezing assets and bank accounts during an investigation, we can ensure you are represented at these early stages of the proceedings.

Trading Standards Prosecutions

We are experienced in dealing with Trading Standards Prosecutions including interviews under caution. Local authorities employ Trading Standards Officers to investigate consumer complaints & enforce legislation...

Road Traffic Offences

We deal with all manner of motoring offences ranging from speeding tickets to alcohol related offences to the most serious of dangerous driving cases including causing death by dangerous driving.

Military / Courts Martial

Regardless of whether you are service personnel or a civilian an investigation will start with an interview and can result in a legal military hearing that takes place in a military court.

Regulatory offences

New data published by the food standards agency shows an increase in prosecutions for breaches of food safety laws. Many businesses now face criminal prosecution for breaches of food safety standards. We can support you providing expert advice. 

Get a free first consultation

If you are appearing before the Court we are able to represent you either privately or under legal aid. We can provide a free first consultation to discuss whether you are eligible for legal aid.

We offer video conferencing

Its always our intention to offer you the easiest way to talk to us. We offer video conferencing so that you can simply contact us securely online so we discuss your case.