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Areas of Practice

  • Serious Fraud and Financial Crime / Money Laundering

    We have been representing suspects in significant investigations, conducted by various prosecuting financial bodies and have extensive experience defending allegations including mortgage fraud, internet fraud, false accounting, fraudulent trading, benefits and tax fraud. We thoroughly scrutinise the evidence, advising you fully and representing your best interests. We have developed working relationships with specialist barristers and forensic accountants providing a comprehensive service with extremely successful results. We are also experienced in dealing with proceeds of crime applications which usually follow such charges if convicted. Whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice.
  • Murder / Manslaughter / Violent Crime

    We are experienced in all serious crime such as murder, conspiracy to murder, serious violence, violent disorder and domestic violence. We work tirelessly to ensure your case is fully prepared, witnesses traced and your defence case presented to the highest of standard to the court. We work with a trusted team of independent barristers who specialise in this field and also a team of forensic experts who can undertake independent examinations of forensic evidence such as DNA evidence, mobile phone analysis, computer analysis and other areas. Our team deal with charges from the Police Station through to the Crown Court. Whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice.

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  • Organised crime / Drug supply / Importation / Cultivation

    We have extensive experience in representing individuals charged with offences involving organised crime and drug offences, ranging from simple possession, cultivation of cannabis, to large-scale importation we can assist you. Modern day drug prosecutions rely heavily on communications evidence involving cell site analysis, mobile phone data and high tech surveillance as well as DNA evidence and drug comparisons. We have a team of forensic experts who we work with regularly to examine this high tech evidence in detail to assist us in defending such charges. We have dealt with thousands of these prosecutions whether you are being investigated by your local police, have been subject to a drug search, have had your home searched on the authority of a search warrant or are being investigated or prosecuted by the serious and organised crime department, we are able to advise and represent you throughout the process ensuring you understand rights and representing your interests. Whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice. The supply and importation of drugs can inevitably end with the police making an application under the proceeds of crime to recover assets from you, our crown court team have considerable knowledge and expertise in this area and can continue to represent your interests
  • Sexual Offences including Computer / Indecent images

    If you are facing an allegation of a sexual nature, we promise to handle your case sensitively and confidentially. We will assess the case against you and give you clear advice. We understand the pressures and embarrassment of being wrongly accused and have successfully submitted to the court abuse of process submissions which has resulted in proceedings being stayed where clients are entrapped by vigilante self-proclaimed paedophile hunters. It is essential that the evidence is thoroughly reviewed and your interests and fully represented. We have developed working relationships with forensic experts specialising in this field who can examine independently any prosecution evidence. Cases which involving computer evidence is a field where it is clear that independently instructed experts can make a significant difference by interrogating the prosecution evidence providing more in depth information than the prosecution undertake. In our experience this has made a vast difference to the case overall. Whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice.
  • Dishonesty Offences / Burglary / theft / robbery

    Offences of dishonesty can be complicated and if you add violence to the offence, can be extremely serious. The issue of whether you have been dishonest is never a simple issue and it is essential you obtain legal advice at the earliest opportunity, we can help and advise you by representing your best interests and providing you with legal advice. Over the years we have developed working relationships with independent barristers instructed solely on their abilities as well as independent forensic experts able to analyse the evidence at a greater depth in order to challenge a prosecution case, such as DNA evidence, finger print evidence, mobile phone analysis, footprint analysis and more. Even if you are accepting the charges you may have an explanation for your actions, everyone makes mistakes and it is important that your mitigation is eloquently presented to the court to ensure that the court take into account your circumstances at sentencing. Advice at the earliest opportunity is essential as it can make a significant difference in the outcome from a caution decision by police rather than charge and appearing in court. Whatever your circumstance whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice.
  • Confiscation, Restraint and Forfeiture proceedings

    The provisions of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 are extremely powerful for both pre and post-conviction. The police now regularly seek orders freezing assets and bank accounts during an investigation, we can ensure you are represented at these early stages of the proceedings. Orders for confiscation and restraint of assets do not just effect those who are being accused but often, partners, family members and business partners. The restraint order can be made early in proceedings limiting your ability to access assets and finances whereas a Proceeds of Crime Order is often enforced years later when any capital or income is legitimately obtained. We can represent your interests in relation to these proceedings. We are extremely experienced in this specialised area, thoroughly preparing cases with a view to reducing the liability of a defendant. We also have a developed a working relationship with specialist independent barristers in order to obtain the best results for our clients. Contact us for advice whether you are being investigated under the proceeds of crime act or are having an order enforced for payment we can represent your interests.
  • Trading Standards Prosecutions

    We are experienced in dealing with Trading Standards Prosecutions including interviews under caution. Local authorities employ Trading Standards Officers to investigate consumer complaints and enforce legislation relating to the protection of consumers. In some instances, convictions against individuals can result in the imposition of a custodial sentence. Taking expert legal advice at the outset can often make all the difference. Whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice.
  • Road Traffic Offences

    We deal with all manner of motoring offences ranging from speeding tickets to alcohol related offences to the most serious of dangerous driving cases including causing death by dangerous driving. We can provide you with specialist advice with view to assisting you in retaining your driving licence or reducing points or length of overall disqualification. We appreciate the knock on effect of the loss of driving licence to family members or to employment and therefore do not take these proceedings lightly. Whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice.

    Funding in respect of Road Traffic Offences

    Whilst legal aid is available in some Road Traffic cases, it is not available where there is no risk of you going to prison and/or you earn more than £275 per week.

    If you are not eligible for legal aid and wish to consider private instruction in a Road Traffic matter, our fees are as detailed below:-

    • If you are guilty of an offence and wish to plead guilty and instruct us to represent you to mitigate on your behalf with a view to keeping the penalty as low as possible, our standard fee for this is £500 plus VAT. Included in this fee is the following:-
      • Attendance upon you, discussing the evidence and taking your full instructions
      • Explaining the court procedure to you and advising as to possible sentence
      • Advice as to whether an exceptional hardship, or special reasons argument should be made
      • Attending the hearing and mitigating on your behalf.
    • This fee does not include:
      • Instructing an expert witness to prepare a report on your case and, if necessary, attending court to give evidence
      • Advice on appeal against sentence.

    If you are unsure as to whether you should plead guilty or not guilty to an offence, we offer 30 minutes free consultation to discuss the options with you. If you decide to plead not guilty and have a trial, we can offer a fixed fee but this will depend on the nature of the case, location of the court and proximity to the hearing date.

  • Military/Courts Martial

    Regardless of whether you are service personnel or a civilian an investigation will start with an interview and can result in a legal military hearing that takes place in a military court. It is however similar to a civilian court of law where evidence is presented and challenged by your defence team. As with civilian crime we are experienced in defending in Courts Martials with our team of independent barristers and forensic experts at our disposal. Legal Aid is available if required through the Armed Forces Legal Aid Authority (AFCLAA). Whether you are being investigated, called for interview or have been arrested and charged, we are able to provide you specialist legal advice.
  • Regulatory offences

    Food safety and hygiene offences has been subject to the Health and Safety Offences, Corporate Manslaughter and Food Safety and Hygiene Offences: Definitive Guideline. 

    In April 2019 the Sentencing Council published its impact assessment for the Guideline.  This reports that fines for food safety and hygiene offences and the prosecution of directors and senior managers have increased following its introduction. The Guideline applies to offences pursuant to regulation 19(1) of the Food Safety and Hygiene (England) Regulations 2013 in England and in Wales, regulation 17(1) of the Food Hygiene (Wales) Regulations 2006 and regulation 4 of the General Food Regulations 2004.  The offence range for organisations is a fine from £100 to £3m. A prison sentence of up to 2 years can be imposed if tried in the crown court.

    Food safety offences are strict liability criminal offences.  They can be committed without any intention to breach the law.  However there is a defence of ‘due diligence’.  This requires the organisation to prove ‘on a balance of probabilities’ that:

    (i)                  It took all reasonable precautions to avoid the offence (this means that the organisation had a proper management system of procedures to prevent the offence in place); and

    (ii)                It exercised due diligence in operating that system.

    It is vital that expert legal advice is sought. Defending these matters can be complex and an individuals liberty may be at stake in addition to the financial ramifications.

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We can help - wherever you find yourself...

  • Police Station

    We have a team of qualified police station representatives who are all trained by the practice to exacting standards.

    When under arrest, you are entitled to legal advice. The common held view of ‘I did not do it so I do not need a solicitor’ is incorrect. A police interview is for the purpose of gathering evidence. It is essential that you understand your rights and ensure that the police are compliant with the rules and regulations. In addition, it is often thought ‘if I have a solicitor they will think I am guilty’. Again this is not case, charges are brought against a person only if there is evidence to do so, not whether or not a person had legal representation at the police station. Members of our team are available 24/7, detention will not be prolonged. A legal representative may in fact speed up the process.

    Cases can be won or lost in the initial stages and an unguarded comment in the police station can return to haunt you at your trial months later. Every member of our team has considerable experience in police procedures and interrogation techniques. There is no such thing as an “informal chat” at the police station on the street or even at your home. Even to accept a caution can have far reaching consequences in terms of employment and foreign travel.

    Remember all advice and assistance at the police station, whether you are attending voluntarily or have been arrested is FREE of charge irrespective of your income.

  • Youth Court

    Anyone under 18 charged with a criminal offence appears before the Youth Court unless jointly charged with an adult. Special rules and procedures apply and have been developed over the years to govern such courts.

    We have a wealth of experience in conducted youth court cases, from the first offences to the most serious matters - from shoplifting to murder.

    We understand that any court case can be daunting, even for an adult - more so if it is a child going to court or you are the parent of that child. As such we take the time and every precaution to ensure that a young person understands what will take place and the advice we have given. Ask any question you want and we promise to answer, ask us to repeat our advice and we will, ask us to listen and we do. This is the only way for you to make an informed decision and for us to provide the best representation in court. Throughout a case we work with you as a team and will each have a role to play. A number of our solicitors have specialised in Youth Court representation and have developed expert skills in this area.

    Remember this. Legal advice - at the police station or at court - is vital. Any conviction in court or a police reprimand will lead to a criminal record that stays with you in some circumstances throughout your whole life. This can have far reaching consequences for education, employment and travel. Once that record is created it can never be destroyed.

  • Magistrates Court

    We are representing clients at the Magistrates Court daily. Magistrates cases are supervised by a Director.

    The majority of Magistrates Advocy is conducted by a Director who will fight your corner whether by putting forward a Plea in Mitigation or rigoursly defending you at trial.

    It is also part of our job to make sure that whoever we are defending understands what is happening and what is likely to happen. We explain everything - the charges, the law, the procedure. We encourage clients to address any areas of uncertainty or concern. You are free to challenge our opinion, we are here to advise not to command.

    Obviously we cannot guarantee success but trust in our expertise and we guarantee that you will improve your chances of success.

  • Crown Court

    Your case will be dealt with by an experienced team including Solicitor, Case worker, Independent Barrister and if necessary, Forensic Expert.

    Appearing in the Crown Court is a daunting experience for any client and as such the support, advice and representation offered by our team is vital.

    Modern day prosecutions rely heavily on forensic analysis including high tech surveillance, telephone, cell site analysis and DNA evidence. We have built up a relationship of various forensic experts in each field to assist with analysing evidence and defending complex cases.

    Should you need advice and /or representation on an appeal against a conviction or sentence either from the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court or from the Crown Court to the Court of Appeal or if the prosecution appeal your sentence, we can represent you.

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