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About Us

We are a well established team of Criminal Defence Specialists with a wealth of experience in Criminal Law. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

For many years we have built a reputation for providing experienced representation to clients on an individual basis from initial arrest at the police station through the Magistrates Court to the Crown Court. We have developed working relationships with specialist barristers and forensic experts in every field instructed purely on our knowledge of their abilities based upon many years of our experience specialising in this field.

We provide expert representation from the initial interview at the police station through to Court hearings in both the Magistrates and Crown Courts.

We are able to not only obtain legal aid for many cases but for those wishing to fund their cases privately we can offer fixed prices and your choice of barrister if you so wish. Regardless of how your case is funded, we can provide a free first consultation to establish the best way to proceed. Our aim is to keep you at the center of all the preparation and proceedings.

Whilst being based in Hampshire, with video conferencing facilities and face to face meetings local to you we are able to travel nationally to represent you.