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Legal Aid

Having held a long term legal aid contract with the Legal Aid Agency, we are able to offer services through legal aid funding.  We can advise you as to qualification for this service. 

Free Advice

All advice and assistance at the police station, whether you are attending voluntarily or have been arrested is FREE of charge irrespective of your income.

Private Funding

We are happy to act on a privately funded basis. We recognise that many clients may not be eligible for legal aid or would prefer to fund their own legal costs. Whilst we operate primarily on an hourly rate, we are prepared in the majority of cases to provide a fixed fee quotation to alleviate concerns with regards to long term costs.

If, in the event you are acquitted of charges then you may seek an order that part of your defence costs are re-paid to you from Central Funds. This return would however be at the same rate as paid by the Legal Aid Agency.

Get a free first consultation

If you are appearing before the Court we are able to represent you either privately or under legal aid. We can provide a free first consultation to discuss whether you are eligible for legal aid.